me when it starts getting cloudy: yeees

me when it starts raining: yeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS


people that can easily afford shopping at regular stores but go to thrift stores and take all the clothes people who have no money actually need :/

I don’t think you have to be a certain level of poor to shop at thrift stores, spending less on clothes can allow people to spend more money on stuff like healthy food and education , its also good recycling. And means your not directly spending money on clothes made in china in horrible work conditions.  Particularly fine with it if its a charity shop where the profit from the clothes goes to an organization that actively helps people.

A girl in my fine arts class is the epitomizes what is wrong with wealthy people shopping at thrift stores . She shops there cause shes “indie” and “green” shes also “vegan” and all that which would all be great if any of it were true . What kind of earth loving , anti- capitalist person buys clothes from thrift stores purely to look “alternative” while still buying leather channel hand bags and saying shit like “eww who would take the bus”, and “Why buy a computer thats not a mac!! are you stupid?”. 

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"be stubborn about your goals but flexible about your methods." the best advice I’ve ever received.

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